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17 April 2014

Lighting Impact On Your Wedding…

Lighting is one aspect of your Wedding that can have a huge impact. While Lighting is often forgotten, it is one of the most important pieces to having awesome photos!

Lighting transforms a room, whether thru color or small accents…or maybe your looking for a garden feel to your Wedding.
Lighting can do it….and not break the bank!

Lighting packages normally start out around $600 and can go as high as $10,000+
But, realistically when looking at a Lighting package with Central Arkansas Entertainment, you can totally transform a room with Uplighting and Textures on the wall for around $1400.

With a package of this size you will seriously give your room a make-over! It will put the Wow! Factor into your room….and isn’t that what we all want.
For our guests to walk in saying….WOW! this is the most beautiful Wedding I’ve ever seen.

Lighting is the first seen thing when walking into a room….almost subconsciously Lighting can change the feel and mood for the Event, taking it from drab, dull or dark to alive, fresh and breath taking!
The impact on your photos is unbelievable, taking your photos from colorless to popping and full of life!

Lighting is the one factor….while often forgotten…….that can have the biggest impact on the feel of your Wedding!


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