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31 May 2014

Photobooth for Garland Wedding….

Had a great time setting up the Photobooth for the Garland Wedding at the Benton Event Center! CAE is so happy to have such a great venue here in Benton!


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  1. Clare Tuma – Hello Shauna,I was wondering if you still had some free ticktes to the birth and baby fair this Saturday in SF. I would like to bring my husband. We are expecting our first in May. Thank you!Clare

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    2. Wow Francine, your card is absolutely gorgeous, I love your coloring,and you chose the papers really well, truly outstanding. Thanks for sharing it with us at Bearly Mine Designs.hugsDonna xx

    3. ApropÃ¥ Delas Les Bessards fick jag en glad överraskning idag. Hämtade ut det jag trodde skulle vara 2004:or men fick istället 2001:or! Mkt trevligt tänkte jag! Enda farhÃ¥gan, var har dom legat under tiden…

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