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12 August 2014

Signature Light Adds Personal Touch…

When it comes to Lighting, a Signature Light…or as some people call it “Monogram Lighting” can add a Huge Impact on your Wedding Reception and really give that Personal Touch. Having the right space and surface is critical when doing a Signature Light. Ideally a space of 8 feet wide by about 6 feet tall is perfect and if it can be up “off the floor”, that is even better! That way your guests get to enjoy it thru out the whole Event! Here is a Wedding we recently did at the Arkansas Arts Center for a wonderful couple, Marcel & Lauren. We had a lot of fun with them doing the Lighting Design in a Plum Purple with White Accent and a Custom Signature Light. Also adding a Full Photobooth Package and Low-Lying Fog for their First Dance to add those special little touches. Thank you Lauren & Marcel for a splendid evening!


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